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Painting Technologies offers all types of painting from small interior residential projects to large industrial projects requiring specialized coatings and equipment. We also install High Performance Floor Coatings for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. We only use the very best products available and always find ways to save our customers money.

It’s tough to match the speed and quality of a professional painter, for three basic reasons: experience, knowledge, and equipment. It takes years to develop the skills and knowledge, and quite a bit of money to acquire excellent tools and equipment. A painter works closely with his suppliers and is kept up-to-date on constant improvements within the industry. You might spend a month of weekends working to accomplish what a professional could have done in a single day. It’s likely you could use those weekends doing something far more productive. Rather than live in self-inflicted chaos for days or weeks, leave it to a professional crew that will do a beautiful job in a short time and clean up afterwards. Go on vacation or stay with friends, skip the mess, dust, odor and hassle, and return to enjoy your new surroundings.

The bottom line is that when you hire Painting Technologies to complete your project, rest assured it will be done professionally, on time, on or under budget and with the best service in the business – period.

Scott St. John, Owner
Painting Technologies, LLC

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    For over 25 years, providing premier commercial & industrial services, for new construction, remodels, repaints, build-outs, industrial floor coatings, power washing, and more.

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    commercial floor coatings painting epoxy
    commercial floor coatings painting epoxy
    commercial floor coatings painting epoxy
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